Aelius Bench

Aelius Bench

Aelius Solar Bench

The Aelius Bench is truly Inspired by the purpose to integrate sustainable design features in to urban outdoor furniture.

The Aelius Bench was designed to withstand harsh climatic conditions while keeping comfort while keeping comfort and convenience in mind at all times.Its highly customizable nature allows users to design their own bench,according to their own needs and even budget powered by solar energy , the Aelius Bench provides USB and 3-pin sockets for charging on the go ,  and can be configured and connected to your power system or run completely autonomously according to your Requirements

    Beit a cosy corner in your terrace ,or the busiest junction of your IT Park, The Aelius Bench integrates with your space like it was made to be .Advertise your brand on the smart branding surfaces that draw the attention of the users in a subtle yet effective way. With an illuminated area for users to rejoice in at night , the Bench won’t add to your electricity bills further .in -Fact ,most of our configuration will help you save on your energy cost ,hence reducing the overall price you pay for it.

  • Solar powered
  • Mobile Device charging
  • Temprature controlled ventilated seating
  • Vandal Resistant
  • Quality build material
  • Easy Install and mobility

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