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We had a great experience working with Aelius. This was our second project with them, and their innovative BIPV leakproof solar roof not only saved us money on our roof, but increased our solar capacity by 30% compared to conventional roof top solar. We were extremely satisfied with the results and would highly recommend Aelius to anyone in need of top-notch and innovative leakproof solar solutions. “
” Our experience with Aelius has been great because of the quality of their solar installations. Thanks to their team’s exceptional design expertise and products, we were able to implement a 300 kW rooftop leakproof solar system on a 40 storey building, surpassing the original capacity of a 200 kW system. We highly recommend Aelius to anyone looking to make a smart, sustainable change in their energy consumption. “
” Thanks to Aelius’s rooftop solar system, we’ve maximised our savings with our 33 kW setup on our residential building. Their knowledgeable team helped us throughout the subsidy process, and we truly value their commitment to quality work. “
We extend our gratitude to the Aelius team for their exceptional work. Their top-notch panels, flawless execution, and outstanding EPC services have truly impressed us. Thanks to their efforts, our 38kW system now generates 50 thousand units of clean energy annually, marking a significant milestone in our sustainability journey. “
Transitioning to solar energy posed challenges for our factory due to its design and high energy needs. However, Aelius came to the rescue with their innovative technology. They installed a 250 kW Proflex rooftop solar system featuring non-penetrative structures made of anti-corrosive aluminum and Proflex mounting tailored for our curved roof. Additionally, they set up a 244 kW non-penetrative ballast structure solar system on our RCC roof, characterized by its aerodynamic, lightweight design and easy click-fit assembly mechanism. Thanks to Aelius, we’re now harnessing solar power efficiently and effectively.
We’re delighted with Aelius’ outstanding work. They constructed Western India’s largest carport, accommodating 200 cars and 400 bikes using their innovative BIPV solar Roof system. Thanks to their solution, we successfully installed a larger 1 MW capacity—a combination of a 625 kW carport and a 375 kW rooftop solar system—optimizing space usage. We extend our appreciation to Aelius for the project’s inauguration and acknowledgment by the Honorable Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi.
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