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Awarded 10 Best Green Energy Startups 2021


10 Best Green Energy StartUP 2021

Aelius Turbina

The Eternal Sun and The Ever-lasting Wind

In India, since ancient times, the Sun has been worshiped as a life-giver to our planet. Mumbai-based Aelius Turbina has been renovating the infra sector in India with its in-house developed aesthetically-pleasing BIPV (Building-Integrated Photo-voltaic) Solar Technology which can be directly integrated into building envelopes.

This revolutionary company envisions a world where solar power generation is virtually possible through any surface touched by the Sun. The founder’s conviction to fight against climate change and bring evolution in people’s lifestyle and work-culture has given birth to Aelius Turbina.

Inspired by Purpose

Aelius Turbina

We are inspired by a purpose to innovate, dream and explore the infinite possibilities to make the earth a zero-carbon & all-renewable planet.

We envision a world in which solar power is generated by virtually any surface touched by the sun.

At Aelius Turbina, we have developed ways for aesthetically-pleasing building integrated solar technology (BIPV) to be directly integrated into building envelopes. Aelius BIPV products can be implemented in endless ways. Solar Cladding, Solar Railing, Solar Bench, Solar window, Solar Louvers, Solar Facades, Watertight Solar Roof, and Solar Sunshade are a few of the applications of our building-integrated solar technology.


Our revolutionary every surface solar systems offer architects, engineers, building owners, and investors the opportunity to embrace and profit from solar energy without compromising beauty. 

Every Surface Solar

Every Surface Solar (BIPV)

new products coming soon…

Our team takes over everything, from idea and concept development to realization. We believe in traditions and incorporate them within our innovations. All our products incorporate a unique artistic image and functional solutions.

We are proud to announce some of our new products coming soon to the site for inquiry and purchase.   

Following EVERY SURFACE SOLAR products are launching soon!

Aelius Solar Bench

The Aelius Bench is truly Inspired by the purpose to integrate sustainable design features in to urban outdoor furniture.

The Aelius Bench was designed to withstand harsh climatic conditions while keeping comfort while keeping comfort and convenience in mind at all times.Its highly customizable nature allows users to design their own bench,according to their own needs and even budget powered by solar energy , the Aelius Bench provides USB and 3-pin sockets for charging on the go ,  and can be configured and connected to your power system or run completely autonomously according to your Requirements

    Beit a cosy corner in your terrace ,or the busiest junction of your IT Park, The Aelius Bench integrates with your space like it was made to be .Advertise your brand on the smart branding surfaces that draw the attention of the users in a subtle yet effective way. With an illuminated area for users to rejoice in at night , the Bench won’t add to your electricity bills further .in -Fact ,most of our configuration will help you save on your energy cost ,hence reducing the overall price you pay for it.

  • Solar powered
  • Mobile Device charging
  • Temprature controlled ventilated seating
  • Vandal Resistant
  • Quality build material
  • Easy Install and mobility

Aelius Solar Railing

The unique product in the Every-Surface-Solar catalogue. is the genius Aelius Railing.

Envisioned, Designed, and Constructed by our In-House team of experts. The Aelius Railing is truly Inspired by the purpose to integrate sustainable design features into urban outdoor Balcony.

The Aelius Railing designed to withstand harsh climatic conditions while keeping quality while keeping comfort and convenience in mind at all times.Its highly customizable nature allows users to design their own balcony designs ,according to their own needs and even budget powered by solar energy be configured and connected to your power system or run completely autonomously according to your Requirement

The Aelius Solar Railing is an aesthetically pleasing alternative to conventional glass panel railing. Along will help you save on energy costs to run your home. Being equipped with the latest microinverter technology ensures that the Aelius Railing adapts to changes in it’s enviroment and performs optimally at all times.

The Aelius Railing is a smart balcony railing that generates power from the sun. The Aelius Railing is an aesthetically pleasing alternative to conventional glass panel railings. Along with providing shade to your plants, our product will help you save on energy costs to run your home. Being equipped with the latest microinverter technology ensures that the Aelius Railing adapts to changes in its environment and performs optimally at all times.

  • Solar powered
  • Temprature controlling Modules
  • Vandal Resistant
  • Quality build material
  • Easy Install and mobility
  • Energy Saving

Aelius Solar Sunshades (chajja)

Aelius Solar Sunshades (Chajja) are our latest upcoming product in the Every-Surface-Solar catalogue.

Aelius Sunshades work best when used while designing your space, but also integrate seamlessly into existing spaces for superior functionality. Their power, customisability and ease of maintenance make them the perfect solution for a sunny facade in your space. Specially designed to generate power from the sun, the sun-shades will help in noise reduction from the surroundings while it provides passive shading to your interiors.

  • Energy Generation
  • Reduced heat gain in summer.
  • Reduced heat loss in winter.
  • Controls daylight.
  • Controls glare.
  • Improved indoor air quality.
  • Reduced energy costs (heating, cooling and lighting).
  • Building compliance.
  • Privacy and security.
  • Maintaining views to the outside.
  • Allows more glazing to be used.
  • Reduced emissions.

Solar EPC

Solar Power Plant

Engineering to Commissioning

Aelius Turbina is one of the fastest-growing turnkey EPC solution providers in the Indian renewable energy industry. With technical expertise and in-depth industry know-how, we can develop the most cost-effective renewable energy solution of any scale.

Electric Bill Study

One of the biggest reasons to go solar is that you can eliminate or significantly reduce your electric bill. 

Your savings with solar depend on a few different factors, like how much energy you currently consume, what is your future energy requirement, what is your sanction load, and at what rate you are currently consuming power.

Based on the above analysis we can determine your solar capacity requirement and its savings. 


Have you ever wondered what makes a solar plant installation successful? One of the key areas that Solar buyers and vendors take for granted is the Site survey. This is an important process during Solar Installation. It provides crucial information when designing the Solar plant.

3 important factors considered during a Site Survey are:

  • Feasibility – Is the Solar system implementation feasible?
  • Viability – Does the Solar installation provide financial benefits in the long run?
  • User requirements – Are user requirements properly understood?
    A site survey helps understand the above 3 aspects in detail.Analyzing these 3 factors helps in the proper design and implementation of the Solar PV system.


To get the optimum output from the Solar PV system the solar panels need to be nearly shade free. 3D Shading Analysis is done to ensure the solar panels are nearly shade free.

Different ways to do 3D Shading Analysis:

  • 3D Solar shading tools.
  • Physically study the movement of sunlight. i.e studying the way the sunlight moves over time in a day
  • Analyze the neighborhood to ensure there are no obstructions that creates shade.
    Other ways to ensure shade free solar irradiation:
  • Trackers are used to track the sun’s path to actively capture light more sunlight.
  • Shifting to an alternative location
  • Using Microinverters -They are attached to individual solar modules to optimize electrical output.


The layout plan is prepared and 2D & 3D images are created which makes installation accurate and efficient. It ensures that everything is documented in writing, helps to identify compatibility issues, and assures a more professional installation. As we take on projects of growing complexity, using a layout plan ensures that personnel is always working with the same core framework.


Engineering in the solar industry requires the involvement of various types of engineers including civil, chemical, computer software, electrical, mechanical, and industrial in various facets of this industry.

Our best-in-class engineering team can advise on component selection and help avoid inefficient plant layout and design while keeping in mind both capital costs and the long-term O & M costs. This saves money and optimizes production.


Solar procurement has an increasingly critical role to play in terms of increasing supply chain resiliency, accessing supplier innovation, and delivering enterprise-wide cost reductions. Leveraging long-standing partnerships and material allocation agreements with many of the PV sector’s most important material suppliers, our solar procurement team is focused on creating differentiated value to our client.


The actual installation is an exciting day for every solar owner. Your solar installer will start by prepping your roof and making sure the structures are properly attached. Then, we put in electrical wiring that will connect to your electrical panel and general power system. After the electrical wiring is complete, we will install racking to support your panels. Once the racking is level and safely attached, the panels are placed onto the racking. Finally, your inverter(s) are connected to the panels to convert direct current (DC) energy into the alternating current (AC) energy used in your premises and on the electric grid.

The timeline for the installation will completely depend on the size of the system you are installing. One additional factor that can add time to your installation process is putting in a power meter for net metering.

Our Installation Methodology from Non-Penetrative to Elevated, Self-weight to Ballast.

Commissioning & Metering

The final step of going solar is “flipping the switch,” so to speak, and officially commencing to generate power from your rooftop. Before you can connect your solar panels to the electric grid, a representative from the local discom will need to inspect the system and give approval. During this inspection, the representative will essentially be double-checking installation work. He or she will verify that the electrical wiring was done correctly, the mounting was safely and sturdily attached, and the overall install meets standard electrical and roof setback codes.

Following this local inspection, you will be ready for official grid interconnection and commissioning of the plant. You can expect to wait two weeks to a month for the approval to occur and interconnection to go live.

Wind Turbina

Wind Turbina

We are pleased to take our 1st step towards #atmanirbharbharat by presenting our prototype of #microwindturbine.

We envisage making complete thought change and state of art most innovative renewable energy product which is powered by Sun (Aelius) & energized by Wind (Turbina).

This 1kW Turbina powering our registered office is undergoing rigorous testing and validation.

We will launch it soon to the site for inquiry and purchase. 


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